AJ JackieAJ Jackie is a former analytical chemist who has extensive experience in working in extraction labs around the United Kingdom. With more than 10 years of scientific background and education to a BSC level in applied chemistry, AJ Jackie has versatile knowledge across a broad range of different extractions and concentrates.

After being retrenched and moving to sunnier shores in Spain with her partner, AJ Jackie became fascinated with the cannabis plant and its versatility. Becoming a legal indoor and outdoor grower in her new hometown and lots of plant material left over she decided to start experimenting with her knowledge of extractions and the large availability of plant material on hand.

As I had a plenty of plant material I decided to do what I did best for many years in the lab – to extract! – AJ Jackie

This book includes much information about cannabis and the many extraction methods to make concentrates. You will be able to safely make varieties of medical edibles( medibles) at home using safe procedures she has developed over time. It also covers many savoury and sweet foods that are easy to make as well as correct dosages using specific cannabis oils and concentrates.